Recent Reviews

PARANORMAL:  Emallya wants a simple life – a man to love and a family to cherish – just like what her parents have. It is something that can be difficult to find in the midst of the War of Fire.  She knows she is a dragon rider, knows this every time she hears the call of the dragons of Gadrilene. But she vacillates, until events in her life make the decision for her.

CNF:  Lovonian, a half-elf and half-dragon, is about to go through his rite of passage when tragedy strikes. His home is plundered. His father is murdered, and his mother goes missing. 

Lizzie Hart is a copy editor for a local newspaper. After an attempt on her life where she was seriously injured, she returns to work hoping to continue her life without any fanfare.

Going Rogue

Heartbreak can happen when circumstances and misconceptions pull two people away from each other.


SPECULATIVE FICTION:  Shortly after her father died Helena's mother left as well, and Helena is at a crossroads. Unable to concentrate fully, she might not be able to keep the promise she made to her father just before he died to finish school and become a better scientist than he was.