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Giselle has denied her gift of visions ever since she came of age and they began. Her late husband wrote the visions off as mere coincidence, but her aunt knows it is the gift of being a Kundigerin.

A Promise of Home

Branna O’Donnell has been running from her demons for a long time, but when the death of someone she considered a true friend brings her back to Lake Howling, Oregon, she returns with a bit of hope that inheriting her friend’s house can lead to peace.

Glimpse of Destiny

Xade Daniels is at the top of the supernatural creatures' "kill on sight" list. Part fairy, part vampire, she’s never known why she is so powerful, or why she’s always been an outcast.

The Mannequin
S. G.

HISTORICAL:  Rosamund has always felt unwanted in her Aunt’s home. She is treated as a servant most of the time and belittled by her cousins.

Wrestlin' Christmas

After an injury ends his rodeo career Cort McGraw has turned into someone his parents and sister don't know and he himself can't stand.