Recent Reviews

Her Kind of Man

Kara Cochrane is planning her wedding when she is jilted out of her intended's arms by none other than her sister.  In an effort to conceal her hurt, Kara accepts the attentions of Ross Williams, a boy she ignored throughout school. Ross has loved Kara since the second grade and has promised himself that if ever the chance comes his way, he will make Kara his own.

Brea And The City of Plastic

Brea is smart, blonde and built! She is a wanna be screen writer who lives in Northern California when she gets laid off from the magazine for whom she is working. She hooks up with a fellow student named Lance, and he talks her into moving to LA to chase her screen writing dreams.

Sapphire Ice

Robin Bartlett and her two younger sisters have grown up rough. Though they had the same mother, each of them was fathered by a different man. Drugs, guns and abuse filled their childhood until they were orphaned when a drug deal went wrong. Now twenty-six, Robin works two jobs to support herself and her sisters to see them through college.

Beauty and The Best

“Once upon a time… a long time ago, there lived a beast of a man, locked within a castle with no one to love him…”

Alexi is a vampire who did the forbidden thing and fell in love with a mortal. Not only that but he dared to have a child with her. That has made a lot of people unhappy. Mainly, Sebastian, an old and powerful vampire, who has made it his mission to destroy Alexi and his little family.