Recent Reviews

FANTASY:  The kingdom of Alaris has been experiencing a spate of rebellions which Alli Stenos, a battle wizard apprentice, has been helping to curb. Together with her contemporaries Roland and Bakari, she becomes embroiled in the politics of the kingdom, which is now on the brink of collapse.

Four years ago, MacKenna Jones interfered with Dr. Joe Whelan’s life. It broke Joe’s heart and earned MacKenna his disgust. Fast forward, four years later: MacKenna is making her cousin’s wedding dress. Her cousin is marrying Joe’s good friend so obviously they will bump into each other one way or another.

A Hundred Hands

When Polly's husband is arrested for committing a vile crime, she leaves Britain for India —not only to visit a friend, but to gain some much-needed distance from her life. It is a form of self-exile because of what she feels is her duplicity in her husband’s crime.

Lydia Farnsworth is in a quandary. Her father, the Laird, is dying and with all her brothers dead, she is set to be named the new Laird of Tornbury Fortress. Alasdair McTavish is commanded by his Laird to assist Lydia in training Tornbury’s men.

VICTORIAN:  Lady Jane Shillington is resigned to being a spinster. However, when a stranger enters her room and her bed, Jane experiences the passion that was long-denied her. Caleb Wesley, Earl of Keery believes he has entered the room of the widow he was having an affair with.