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FANTASY:  “Bloodline” is the beginning of Lands of Ayrenia Chronicles: The Bloodline Saga, about a young girl named Braelyn who has a destiny to save the world of Ayrenia, and to bring magic back into the land.  Three hundred years ago, her ancestor cast a spell that took all the magic away,

WESTERN:  Lucas, an orphan who carries a brutal burn on his side, was taken in and raised as a son at the Sullivan mansion, calling Callie and Marnie his sisters. However, his feelings for Callie have turned anything but sisterly.

Simon Le Beau has returned home to New Orleans after serving his country for four years and suppressing the wolf side of his being. Suffering from PTSD, he finds himself struggling for control and trapped in wolf form.

Honor Among Thieves

When Baron Chorley dies, all he leaves his sister and young heir are substantial gambling debts. When Lorna goes to Thomas’ grave, there are grave robbers (or resurrectionists), stealing the body to sell it to the pathology school.

Essentially Human
Maureen O.

SCI-FI:  Romance author Rachel Inez Astor throws herself from the bow of a cruise ship when she is eighty-three. Now she is awake on an alien ship and finds her youth restored. She now goes by Ria.