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Paper Love

Joss is back from Papua New Guinea and staying with her dad and sister. Ever since the death of her mother, she can’t seem to find her place. Her best friend helps her by getting her out and about to mingle with other singles in their town and as they live near Chicago, there are many options. However, when Joss sees her best friend's brother Ben, there is a sudden attraction.

Marie Grayson has just landed a new university job and part of her responsibility is being a liaison to famous filmmaker Heath Rogers, who is doing a documentary on the women’s basketball team. The man is gorgeous, but Marie tries to keep her distance to focus on her triathlon and reconciling with her sister.

ICU nurse Lily Ziminski is having a bad day after she’s pulled over on her way into work. But things take a strange turn when the same good-looking trooper, Caleb Graham, turns up in the hospital with his mother…and the sparks begin to fly between them.

Lady Chloe Walsingham has her head in the clouds, hoping for romance and adventure. When she sets out to find her true love, the Earl of Markwick, her ship is attacked and Chloe must rely on renowned pirate, the Black Regent, to save her. But when she’s in the Black Regent’s arms, she realizes the pirate is really Markwick!

The Fisherman’s Bride

CHRISTIAN:  The woman who would become the wife of Simon Peter, the first Apostle, is never given a name, but in this book, the author gives her a believable story. Readers will be riveted as this unnamed young woman is shunned by her family for choosing a poor fisherman for a husband. As the newlywed couple struggles to survive, their love is tested to the limits.