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Marianne Dunaway, a romance writer with a lucrative career in Seattle, returns to Orcas Island on a dare from her friend.

Nobility is a thorn in the side of Lady Daisy Warren, who rejects class standings.  She chooses to live among common people while serving at an inn after a disgracing misadventure.  Secretly an author of

Friends ForNever

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Workplace relationships can be drama unto themselves, but Erin Taylor is determined to do the job she loves.  As a journalist at a fashion magazine Erin is well respected for her dedication and work.  When a workplace competition for an assignment abroad pits co-worker against co-worker Erin has no idea who to trust.

Katya Dalca knows right from wrong and has decided she no longer wants to be part of her father’s criminal activity.

Albert Saint was living under a cloud of doubt in the 19th century.