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Once upon a time there was one pack, but a fight for Alpha between two brothers ripped it in two. After centuries of fighting, bloodshed, and death, it’s time to reunite the packs.

Even though quirky Professor Emmeline Prather has a PhD in French literature, she teaches English at the small campus of Copper Bluffs in South Dakota maintaining hope that one day the quaint college will

PARANORMAL:  Kinna is a girl who never felt like she belonged. She never believed that creatures should serve humans.

PARANORMAL:  Sadie Tabors didn’t ask to be The Dark Sorceress, nor did she ask to be a participant in the Sorcerer Wars.

All Lizzy Guirdy wants is for this day to finally end. The nursing home is increasing her payments, her boyfriend cleaned her out and to top it all off her boss won’t give her the raise she deserves. Why? Because today’s editorial by local newspaperman Martin Taylor’s paints a terrible picture of Lizzy’s boss, the mayor, and degrades her while he is at it.