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Sweet Texas Fire

Gage Cooper left home with something to prove. By the time he comes back, it’s too late to make amends as his father has passed away. But the biggest surprise is that Gage’s inheritance isn’t what he thought - his father left the family cabin to an environmental analyst that Gage has been butting heads with for months.

REGENCY:  Simon Montgomery, the Earl of Cartwright, has spent all of his time and energy in rebuilding the ruins of his estate, while shielding his mother and sister from how bad the situation truly is.

Athos Strong is in desperate need of a wife!

Mix ’n' Match

Zoey Carlson's best friend Brooke is marrying Luke, a very wealthy business tycoon as the maid of honor it is no small feat trying to keep the wedding location and its details a secret from the press and the ever annoying paparazzi. Mitch, Luke's assistant and Zoey's former fling, is assigned to helping her finalize the wedding plans in Paris.

SCI-FI:  This thriller pits twin siblings Irina and brother Ilya against their father, Ivan, who runs a corporation called Innovira Industries.