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TIME TRAVEL: It is the year 2019, and Michael Pendridge is suffering. He is a detective mourning the loss of his partner. He is approached about a case by a Mr. Green and receives a brooch that magically takes him back to England in the 18th century. He finds himself in the middle of a crowd and runs into the most beautiful pick-pocket he has ever seen.

Danger Unknown
Kathi Oram

Brooke Steward, the wife of a murdered police officer, is on the run. Brooke’s quick thinking turns into the unimaginable - a car accident - leaving her with a concussion and at the mercy of a good Samaritan, Michael Calder. Michael’s military history not only plagues him with nightmares, but his training as a military medic enables him to help Brooke.

Holly Schlivnik works in Los Angeles' garment district as a sales rep for a swimsuit company. Cut-throat competition and wheeling and dealing are all part of the job, but Holly finds relief over a cup of coffee and some gossip with her group of "yentas".

Sybille Esmond has overcome one enemy to find herself facing another. Now that their enemy, the Ossians, hasbeen vanquished, she's left with the spirits of Bloodthirsters seeking a way to the After Life. If only she knew how to get them there and out of her house!

Lady Diana has only ever loved one man. She put her heart on the line at sixteen and lost, but she has never forgotten her childhood friend, Edward, the Earl of Calverston. Neither has she married. Instead, she established an investigative service and several charities to occupy her time. But now Edward is back!