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WESTERN:  U.S. Marshall Sebastian Spencer has been ordered to apprehend and bring a criminal to justice - one who brutally attacked Isabel Moreno and shattered her peace of mind.

Finally out from under her mother’s thumb, mermaid Lorelei and her sister Hilde are on vacation in America. Music is a passion they can’t deny, so while traveling up waterways they’ve hit spots famous for their music along the way.

Lady Samantha has had four Seasons and no offers of marriage. Her Aunt Caroline, Viscountess Chamberlain, decides that a tour of Italy is just the thing they need to land a suitable husband for Sam.

Vampires have come out of the shadows and declared themselves top of the food chain, and humans are fighting back. NYPD Detective Valerie Medeiros and her fellow officers battle nightly against the blood suckers, but they’re slowly losing ground to the vampire hordes.

Dax Keller made a promise to protect his best friend’s sister and he was determined not to let Griff down. When witnesses in a human trafficking case start dying, Rebecca Danes is suddenly moved up the list to star witness, and Dax intends to keep her safe from the hit man sent to silence her.