Recent Reviews

Detective Noah Daugherty is convinced that there is more to the simple murder of a local socialite than meets the eye.

PARANORMAL:  Jayne, a senior in high school, is a Goddess of Fate. She hopes that she will have a quiet school year after the previous year’s run in with a serial killer.

Sera Patterson has faced death and "sort of" lived to tell the tale. Her saviors, the Night Angels, have given her the blood of the ancients, making her a Denizen.

Finn Sutherland is a Highlander, true to his country and his King. When an Englishman comes a-calling, he questions his King’s decisions but stands true to his duty and obeys the orders he has been given. Finn will act as bodyguard to English lass Lady Rosamond Beaumore, until she is wed to her betrothed in an alliance arranged by the King to benefit His country. 

WESTERN:  There is evil afoot in Copper River, Wyoming and the Taggart family is right at the heart of the melee.