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TIME TRAVEL:  Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead! Unfortunately, Sage, the woman who came from the future to settle down with Sir Cade, is still very much alive and showing no signs of leaving.

PARANORMAL/HIGH FANTASY:  The Dark Witch has been beaten. Isnt that where most stories end, with a happily-ever-after? Unfortunately, Brusenna can attest otherwise.

Tyree kills. That’s her job, her identity; all she has ever been. She’s of the Inc-Su, meaning she’s a genetically-enhanced clone made for the sole purpose of being the perfect assassin. So she’s shocked when told her next assignment is to act as a co-delegate to Zander D’joren and work on the treaty between Terrans and the Tier-vane.

Escape from Indiaopens during the Reagan administration in the 1980

Hero of My Heartis book five in The McRae Series.