Recent Reviews

Detective Mitch McKenna is a small-town southern boy who found the love of his life while attending college at Princeton. An epic miscommunication ended that relationship and broke his heart. His time in the military did nothing to ease his pain. Sydney Preston also met the love of her life at Princeton, but the shy, quiet girl was unable to stand up to her family.

HISTORICAL:  During the Civil War Major Westley Remington fought many battles, but when he returns home on an extended medical leave he is faced with one he does not know how to fight.  Ella Whitaker despises soldiers of war — they have ransacked homes, been brutal in their treatment, and she has run for her life to avoid being their victim.

Gabe McGrath is a young man who takes shelter at his neighbors' farm when he is caught in a storm.  Martha Willie is the eldest daughter of a Kentucky cattleman, and has been running the household since her mother passed away in childbirth.  Gabe becomes a hand on the Willie ranch and is attracted to Martha; Martha has determined her life is that of caretaker of her family and nothing more.

Can a rock star and a drag queen club owner fall in love in Bangkok?  Erika Bailey moved to Bangkok and invested everything she had in a drag queen club in order to start her new life. She is  doing well — she pays her protection money, and has lots of good-looking talented men working for her. So what if she doesn't have a love life?

HISTORICAL:  Allie Tillman makes the difficult decision to her family and hard-scrabble life and applies to be a mail-order bride out  West.  When she arrives in Baker City she finds out her intended is nothing but a scoundrel, but fate intervenes in the form of Ben Amick — who has done nothing more daring than bringing the buckboard to town to run some errands for his boss.