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Highland Escape
Cathy MacRae,
DD MacRae

Anna Braxton has had a rough few days. First she is forced to watch her family home destroyed by the bloody English. Then she is overwhelmed when her brother is cut down before her very eyes. She flees to the Highlands where she knows no one but hopes to find refuge with a willing clan.

Echo Falls

Emily Dawson has been ripped from the only life she has ever known to be thrown into a country existence she swears she will never conform to. She loses her boyfriend and best friends all in a single swoop but then finds a new one, who proves to be better than any friend she has ever had.

Shandra Higheagle is a local potter in the Huckleberry Mountain community and the granddaughter of the recently deceased Nez Perce.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Grace Powell and David Ransom are engaged to be married, but they are also engaged in a battle for their very lives. Karl Tessler would like nothing more than to eliminate both Grace and David.

The Tender Bonds

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Patty just lost her aunt, and in cleaning the mess, she discovers cards from her father -  years worth. She’d been led to believe he was dead. She takes time off work and leaves her almost fiancé to go in search of the man she barely remembers.