Recent Reviews

TIME TRAVEL:  It’s 1987, and stressed-out American Paul Dewitt is getting some R&R in Port Royal, Jamaica, when his walk on the beach is interrupted by a sudden storm.

A Timely Romance

Dressed in a historically accurate medieval costume, a young widow visits a modern-day town that reenacts the days of medieval England.

Wedding Day

Dallas Day is a famous rodeo bull rider, temporarily hampered by a broken wrist. He’s recuperating at the family home in Frisbee, Texas, along with his parents and his brother. He’s a bit bored with the downtime, until his brother bets him he can’t get the new animal vet in town to date him.

MYSTERY:  Five friends are playing cards at Mark’s spare apartment, waiting for Daniel to finish making khash, a special Armenian dish.

Out of the Zoo
Susan Zoe

Lilah was born into the sex slave trade at a place known only as “The Zoo”. She is determined to escape and help all the others get away from the depraved men who run the organization.