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The To-Do List

SUSPENSE/THRILLER/COMEDY:  After she catches her husband in bed with a neighbor, Maggie is understandably devastated.  Her beloved aunt's death is yet another blow, but this one also hands her a way to move forward - she returns to her hometown to take over her aunt's bookstore. However, someone wants her out.

COMEDY:  Decades ago, the now 118 year-old Sister Agatha made a promise.

Surrender the Wind
St. Michel

Catherine is a New York heiress, on the run from a street thug who hopes to raise himself up by forcing her into marriage.

Four Chambers

Andra is a serious medical student with lofty goals, none of which include members of the opposite sex. Every time she allows herself to be sidetracked, even slightly, her focus slips - at least it does according to her impossibly high standards. Then she yanks backward, diving headfirst into her studies and school, ignoring that other people exist.

Small Town Secrets

Sunny couldn't leave Latitude, Alabama fast enough after graduating from high school. Now settled in Atlanta, coming home to bury her hippie living mother after an accident on the family farm is not what Sunny had planned.  Even after 15 years of being away, never talking to her mother again wasn't what Sunny had in mind.