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CHICK-LIT:  Emma Wallace is determined to prove she has what it takes to make her design business a success, and if she can do a bit of matchmaking on the side, then even better - regardless of whether her best friend Will Knight thinks her plans will be successful.

Pauline is a food blogger with a dream of teaching others local culinary cuisine.

Jaime Seger has been desperately in love with her best friend Christopher McKay since she was eleven years old. Unfortunately, Christopher chose to ignore his own interest and marries someone else.  When his wife dies, he is left with a young daughter he has no idea how to care for.

Robin Lyons is a successful young author with a mission - and an obsession. He longs to learn of his past, his heritage, and the truth of who his parents were. In an effort to uncover this long-kept secret and gain inspiration for his new novel, he invites an exclusive group of guests to Danforth house for a weekend of mystery and intrigue.

A Face in the Crowd

Alexis Hightower has been burned too many times to indulge in fantasies of love and trust.