Recent Reviews

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  After leaving her job as a CPA in Boston, this Harvard graduate lands in Dallas, Texas and starts fresh. Gillian is hired to be the new manager for the second location of Pinkie’s bars. Pinkie has been very supportive of Gillian and has become a mentor and a great friend. The FBI enters the bar early after opening day and arrests Pinkie.

Cheyenne is heading for dinner at her mom’s house. She is late, as usual, and trying not to speed. When a motorcycle passes her, he catches her attention, as they are the only two on the dangerous curves coming up. Suddenly another car passes her at high speed and runs directly into the motorcycle hitting him, sending him flying and his bike over the embankment.

MYSTERY:  Rowan Beckett is an amazing singer. She has a unique style and people love listening to her. The strange thing is that she sounds a lot like a singer who disappeared thirty years before. What makes things even more peculiar is the knowledge she has about the woman. Haley Rose and her boyfriend disappeared on October 31, 1988, and were never seen again.

Julia Cummings learned how to deal with loss at a young age. She has lost a lot of people, but it was when her best friend Lucas Jonquil left that she felt the ultimate betrayal. Eight years have passed since he left when Julia hears he has returned, but she has no intention of going near him. Lucas' choice to leave was based on the people he had lost.

TIME TRAVEL/PARANORMAL:  Edgar Allan Poe disappeared before he died. He was found wandering and wearing strange clothes. He was never able to explain where he had been which has kept his whereabouts a complete mystery. In this short novella, Poe is what's known as a clocker, or time traveler.  He travels to modern day Baltimore where he meets Alexandra “Ren” Reynolds.