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Rebecca Sheehan is taking a temporary refuge from her life in South Boston by secretly visiting her brother in Jackson, Wyoming. When the opportunity arises to take a job on a horse ranch, she jumps at the chance to become a wrangler.

Destiny’s Bride

WESTERN:  Banker's daughter Cecile Palmer has lived a pampered life. When she falls in love at first sight with Walt Williams, her life changes completely. As she struggles to learn how to become a farmer’s wife and live with no amenities, she matures into a woman.

A Love Beyond
Leslie P.

Convinced her sister’s death was an attempt to escape an abusive marriage rather than an accident, A.J. Owens enters the dangerous world of her brother-in-law, Mike Towers, under the pretense of a woman enamored by the sybaritic mogul.

Gavril of Aquina
St. James

MEDIEVAL FANTASY:  Orphaned, presumed dead, and stripped of his magic, Gavril has lost everything. He’s a beggar on the streets of his own kingdom. Five years in captivity has deemed him unrecognizable to his subjects, and to and himself.

Christmas Miracle

Sam has not wanted anything to do with Christmas since she lost her family on Christmas Day ten years ago. When Janie asks her to babysit five-year-old Shannon, she reluctantly agrees. A visit to the mall Santa is in the cards. On the upside, Sam has recently inherited a cabin. This is lucky timing.