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Kate used to be an ordinary girl from Earth, but one day she was taken from her home by a group of large male aliens. After two years of imprisonment, she finds herself in an even bigger predicament: she is pregnant with an alien baby. From the day she is captured she is told she would be killed if she ever fell pregnant, and now she must run for her life.

Playing with Fire

Brooke Hamilton, a private investigator, has just taken on a huge case that could prove to be too dangerous for her. Even her criminal law father suggests the case is too large for her, especially if her prime suspect is powerful and wealthy. Detective Gabriel O’Reilly gets put on the case with her to investigate the races being rigged and the possible jockey homicide.

Adysson Townsend has been trying to combat the unusual swimming patterns of the local fish, which she claims is the result of illegal activity of a big fishing company. She makes it her responsibility to protect the locals in the community, but every time the fishing company goes under investigation, all the evidence disappears. However, this isn’t her only dilemma at hand.

Exiled (Arcadia Book 3)
Brock Jones

Seolta den Coille did not expect to be betrayed and exiled. But that’s exactly what happened and now he is hungry for revenge and will get it at any cost. Anyara wants to be left alone. Surely that’s not too much to ask? With fear of her uncle and everything else, something has to change. When Seolta comes to her with an offer that seems too good to pass up, she grasps it with both hands.

TIME TRAVEL: Edna Campbell is The Council of Witches romance expert and can travel in time. This comes in handy when a woman needs help in the court of Louis XIII, and she decides to go and assist. Theoretically it should be a relatively easy job for the Chief Romance Expert.