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Manon DuPre is desperate to get away from her stalker ex. When Danny Sherwood, an Arizona Highway trooper, pulls her over for speeding, she’s certain her ex will catch up any minute. Danny grew up to be a protector and his instincts scream that Manon needs help.

INSPIRATIONAL:  Seventeen year old Mary Fitzgerald has spent the last several years of her life caring for her four younger siblings and protecting them from their father’s drunken abuse.

Into the Arms of Morpheus

Sylvia has been a devotee of Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams ever since she saw an art exhibit featuring the Greek Gods. Every night she surrenders herself to Morpheus, and her devotion has attracted the notice of another Greek God.

God Whisperer

INSPIRATIONAL:  Lonnie Hogan is on the run with her son, terrified that any day the killers after her baby will find them. Hiding in a small Danish community Lonnie thinks they might be safe until strange things begin happening with her son.

Searching for Lady Luck

The great depression has hit everyone hard, and for some the recovery is very slow. Rose Sheffield doesn’t have time to long for her carefree life before the market crashed.