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SPECULATIVE FICTION:  Battles, life, death, love and friendship have shaped Semara in a way the Queen could have never foreseen. Now, the time has come for the final battle – will the Triune be able to free everyone, as was foretold? Will they survive the attacks, betrayals, and most of all – each other?

Discovering Daniel

When Ava McCoy remembers having a near-death experience at sea when she was nine years old, she becomes determined to find her rescuer.  As determined as Ava is, her uncle and father are as equally so; wanting to keep old family secrets hidden and to stop her from opening old wounds and re-hatching old feuds. Headstrong and determined, she discovers more than what she had anticipated - her resc

Detective Tony Mariani is back on the job after a leave of absence, pursing the theft of a blue diamond that once belonged to Leonardo Da Vinci. Meanwhile Tamara Yonnua, a Russian assassin, discovers love for the first time and must keep her true occupation hidden from her new beau Simon.

When Cora's parents whisk her away to a small seaside town after graduation, their not-so-hidden purpose is to give her time to accept the privileged life they've chosen for her to lead.  But the summer Cora spends with some of the local residents has more effect on her than anyone expected.  Ronan, a local bo

MEDIEVAL FANTASY:  Brynn is on the verge of being sacrificed to the dragon of Lornoon by her villagers when she is saved at the last minute.  Her relief quickly turns to disgust when she realizes that her savior is none other than Drake Pendragon, the man she believes killed her parents.  Drake is intent on ma