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A Night of Passion

Three years after the death of her childhood sweetheart, Prue Granger finds herself in the arms of a handsome stranger for just one night.

India is desperate to get away and is fighting to get back her memories after a traumatic incident. She takes a job at a hotel development overseen by Lucas Morgan.

The Election Connection

After losing her husband, Lily Ashton put her pain into action by starting a charity for war widows, which doesn't leave her any time for love or relationships. Congressman Ford Richardson has a campaign to focus on and his friend Lily is the ideal companion for those events.

Autumn Masquerade: Timeless Regency Collection Book 1
Josi S. Kilpack, Donna Hatch,
Nancy Campbell Allen

"A Merry Dance" by Josi S. Kilpack

Billionaire Donovan Nash’s world instantly crumbles with one phone call.  The airplane his beloved wife was traveling on went down with no sign of the wreckage and no word of survivors.  Desperate, Donovan calls in all resources to help him find her but with time running out, he must risk the one s