Recent Reviews

Wolf Born

"Wolf Born" is a dark, gripping tale that offers a few original spins on the werewolf legend, and introduces the readers to an action-packed story. Carly, the protagonist, lives a mundane, boring life. That is, until her boyfriend goes missing and she starts to suffer from freaky hallucinations.

The Line That Divides

Marianne Leichtner couldn’t care less about romance – with World War II ravaging Europe, she has little time to think about anything but survival.

Ashley’s Dream

NEW ADULT:  Ashley has just graduated college and now dreams of traveling the world. She has no intention of falling in love, wanting to focus on her career instead. She manages a bar for now, and hopes to find her dream job soon.

Cora Jemison thinks she has found herself in a horror movie. She knows her life will never be the same after having to spend a month in a psych ward.

Nowhere For Christmas

Avery is a journalist on the verge of realizing her dream: her column has just been given the green light to be syndicated.  Her editor has sent her on a tour of small towns for story ideas and although excited, Avery doesn’t care for having to work over Christmas.  Nor does she agree with having t