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Getting It Right

Selene dates one man after the other, from her abusive husband to a bad boy lover, but she can’t seem to find the right guy for her. There are plenty of potential candidates to choose from, but finding the right match proves next to impossible.

Sara Sheridan and her daughter are on the run from Sara’s abusive husband, a high-profile attorney who got hooked up with the wrong crowd. He needs something Sara stole from him, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get that back.

The Stone of Kings
Shea McIntosh

HISTORICAL/FANTASY:  Past and present collide in “The Stone of Kings” by Shea McIntosh Ford. Set initially in 17th- century Ireland, rambunctious, curious twelve-year-old Ardan finds himself drawn to all things fae—and that curiosity often gets him into a ton of trouble, especially with his guardian, Bresal.

Jordan Billette has achieved many milestones that her father, who passed away when she was eight years old, never got to see. By creating a special scrapbook with her Granny to document her memories, Jordan has made the most of preserving her father’s memory.

PARANORMAL/GREEK MYTHOLOGY:  Book two in the Descendant Prophecies series, Skylar Rome and Mason Grand are back in this fast-paced and action-packed sequel.