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FANTASY:  Ireic Theodoric, the current King, never wanted to be and in fact, wasn't even the  eldest son. But his council (all of whom seem to think they run the country) wouldn’t have accepted his brother, so he took over.

Holly and Hunter have been happily married for years. She wants to start a business - not because money is an issue, but in order to feel useful and like her life has meaning.  Hunter wants her to remain a housewife.

Jen comes from a rich family, one that is more concerned with looks than with truth. Sent away to hide a pregnancy from an assault, she decides to walk away from her parents and live her own life on her own terms - with no permanence, and no deep feelings. Until she meets Casen.

Caleb Kelly just got back from Afghanistan - literally - and walked into an empty apartment in Florida, with a dust-covered letter on his pillow. Not sure what’s going on, he heads to Alabama to find his fiancée, Kourtney. Her last email was only a month old.

Animal Angel
M. J.

Mavis owns and operates a dog and cat rescue, using her work to hide from the guilt she feels for the death of her parents and to fill the void created by the loss of her ability to have children.