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Son of Anubis

With the best nose for bombs at Newark International Airport, Jake the Shepherd and his human handler Becca Carter are the best. When he finds an ancient artifact, their world turns upside down and they risk losing one another.


FANTASY:  On his way home after eight years away, Magnus Tyrix comes across the woman he once loved and thought dead fighting off a band of thieves. He helps her and finds that she’s not the woman he knew all those years ago.

MOTORCYCLE CLUB:  Danielle Harris is a good girl. A kindergarten teacher and the police chief’s daughter, she doesn’t do trouble and keeps bad boys at a good distance.

When Donovan Goldwyn’s brother is murdered and Donovan is framed for his death, nothing is more important to him than clearing his name and finding the real killer.

Paul Pulaksi is a research Biologist. He is trying to finish his degree but is being thwarted by his superior and that man's obnoxious nephew.