Recent Reviews

Manuel Batista is a contractor that comes to Texas seeking respite from the chilly winter winds of Chicago. Deciding to vacation at an R.V. park seems like the perfect way to unwind, until he meets the park's owner, Catalina Reyes, and relaxing becomes the last thing on his mind!

Season, Unforgettable

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Season lost her parents at a young age, and was raised by her grandfather on the property she inherited from her parents – beautiful acres of land that she loves to explore and photograph.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Tired of being single and having to date all kinds of weirdos, Savannah goes to see a matchmaker who specializes in setting up couples who meet at the altar. Her match is Scott, a Montana bison rancher, who is simply too busy to find a wife.

Oleah Chronicles: Truth

Angel Seriki thought she was just another regular high school teen, until she discovered she was in fact an Oleah – part human, part lion. Her parents kept her heritage a secret to protect her against an evil witch who wants to steal her powers.

Wrong Place, Right Time

COMEDY:  Kate Covington has been in love forever with Brain Schaffer, yet has never told him how she truly felt. She is finally building the courage to tell him when he drops a bomb of his own - he is eloping to Vegas that weekend!