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Under the Cornerstone

Set in present-day Brooklyn, "Under the Cornerstone" is the story of Noely, Johnny and his band mates in Bloodfeather, an up and coming rock band, and the intense emotions of these twenty-somethings as they find their place in the world.  Johnny, lead singer and heartthrob bad boy is in love with Noely, who’s been a driving force behind the band since the beginning.  She loves him back, but won

ADVENTTURE:  It’s the 18th Century and pirates still rule

DYSTOPIAN:  Book 3 of the Citizens of Logan Pond series opens with Carrie Ashworth recovering after viral meningitis that nearly killed her.

Bruce is prince of the American Sylph and Guardian of wind and air.

Distant Dreams

PARANORMAL:  Sixteen-year-old Kai has the ability to travel through her dreams. During one dream, she witnesses a murder.