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PARANORMAL:  Kayla is a normal seventeen-year-old girl. Like many high-school seniors, she has her whole life planned out.

Christmas Kisses: An Echo Ridge Christmas Anthology
Lucy McConnell, Cami Cheketts,
Heather Tullis, Rachael Christensen, Connie E. Sokol

The Echo Ridge Anthology is a compilation of short stories involving the men and women living in Echo Ridge.

When Kalliope Winters is abducted and beaten by a crazed stalker, she has no idea that her best friend, FBI Special Agent Colton Brady, was killed trying to protect her.

PARANORMAL:  Snow, a wererabbit, has just saved Josh, a werewolf, from humans who have successfully arrested his ability to shift.

Beyond All Recognition

LEGAL THRILLER/MILITARY:  Ryan Bennington has been reactivated by the Army just so he can be court-martialed for events during the Iraq War nine years earlier.