Recent Reviews

Trouble Looming

Cole and Sara meet on a carefree night at the bar. Soon after, Sara becomes her ailing mother’s caregiver, leaving little time for romance. Cole has had his fair share of fillies, but Sara creates a desire for permanency.

WESTERN:  Catarina is a self-proclaimed narcissist in an American family with deep Mexican roots. Ranching, surviving off the land and etiquette bind her future. She longs for a suitor, but all are chased away by her domineering parents.

And Jericho Burned

Lucy visits the New Sinai cult intent on rescuing her sister. Instead of escape, she faces being married to an unsavory member and her inheritance forfeit to the self-proclaimed leader with a “Waco style” ending in his future.

Separation Anxiety

MYSTERY:  Curtain Taylor (Drape to her friends), entered college at the age of 16 and is now working on her PhD. She loves living in Ann Arbor with her sorority sisters, who accepted her even at her young age. Now, however, everyone is moving on with their lives.

From Afar

Morgan Stanfield is a thirty something-ish man who is looking for love after his long-time relationship didn’t work out. Not finding it on American soil, he begins his search on the internet, on a Russian bride site, no less!