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Jackie Sullivan and her daughter Rebecca are off on an adventure in Ireland, before her husband Rob joins them. During a van tour with a handsome tour guide, Sean Donovan, they both ruminate on the life changes facing them. Jackie is facing a change in who she is and how her marriage exists. Rebecca is keeping a huge secret from her parents and must decide what she wants to do with her future.

Sierra Callahan is strictly business - especially when it comes to men. Past horrors haunt her, making intimacy difficult, to say the least. Michael Donovan is definitely not looking for a real relationship, but when his brothers concoct a crazy idea to help their ailing father get better, he agrees to it. A contractual marriage, for one year.

Lane DeMarco is a sexy vampire with serious emotional issues. The past has a nasty way of haunting him.

WESTERN:  RC Reid is a cowboy one hundred percent. He’s a rodeo star with his eyes on the prize…winning enough money to go home and marry his childhood sweetheart, Charlee Brysen.

PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Traci Campbell and her younger sister Fiona are exploring the Highlands while on vacation, in an effort to reconnect.