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Upon Your Return

Fara is a young lady who was orphaned as a girl and left in the care of a heartless uncle, who then sends her to be educated in a convent. At seventeen she returns to her uncle’s home to be married off to a gentleman of his choosing.

PARANORMAL:  Alissa Roswell worked hard to move past the abuse in her past to gain independence and move on.

Zara and Amadeus Tudor are happy living in Scotland raising their infant daughter Elizabeth, until backstage after one of Amadeus's concerts, Zara and Elizabeth are both attacked by a disgruntled band member.

The Viscount's Vow

REGENCY:  Evangeline Caruthers isn't exactly sure how she ended up engaged to Ian Hamilton, Viscount Warrick. There was this ball and a migraine and an uncomfortable corset... Ian isn't so happy with it either. His goal was to ruin the chit that led to his brother's death and seduced his sister's beau. But the die was cast, and he has no choice anymore.

The Silver Sickle

Farissa wears a tracker on her back because at a young age the Amar deemed her a consecrated girl. The Amar are considered goddesses by the people of Dyn but there is something sinister about the aliens and their alliance with the King.