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URBAN FANTASY: Bram Farrell is a private investigator better known as Raven or The Raven. He was born in Fictionland, a figment of an author’s imagination, as are all fictional characters. But Raven has become more real. He lives in the real world now, in Detroit, and is becoming more human by the day.

YOUNG ADULT: Zakalor is better known as Zak. A regular teen who struggles to pay attention at school, he is destined to be a smithy like his father. Every year Zak is tested, and every year, he remains someone with no magical talents and mediocre fighting skills… Until one testing day a different scout comes for the testing.

HISTORICAL: After impetuously running off and eloping with Roarik O’Neill, Lady Helen quickly realizes her mistake. She has left luxury behind to be a servant to her Irish husband and his cronies. She loves him but understands he loves Ireland more than her. After he is killed in a political brawl, Helen and her three year old, Maeve, must flee back to England and safety.

The Other Murder
Kevin G.

A scream is heard in the darkness, followed by a gunshot. A girl’s body is discovered, and then another gunshot breaks the silence. The girl is Angelica Monroe, a sophomore at NYU. Her purse contains a large baggie of weed, and $500.00.  Shortly thereafter, a second body is discovered on the opposite end of Washington Square Park. It is a Hispanic male, Javier Estrada.

1030 C.E. The king of Engla-lond, Cnute, has ordered his son, Harald Harefoot, to travel to Erui-lond to unseat the current king, as he is too strong. King Cnute wishes to replace Rhydderch ap Iestyn with a weak, malleable king, Iago. Harald would prefer to stay with his wife, Selia, who has recently had a miscarriage. They have their own property they work and tenants who depend upon them.