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The Turkish Affair
J. Arlene

Anne Pierson has abandoned life in the West; choosing instead a quiet, secluded life in the tiny town of Gükale in Turkey. Conforming to the rigid social standards set for women in her new country, Anne is content to act as translator for visiting tourists - until the day she meets Renaud Townsend.

PI Mac McClellan stumbles upon a case not of his world.

When Jianna Ricci's entire family is killed in an execution style-slaying, she's forced to change her identity.

Renata Radleigh is a renowned mezzo-soprano opera singer with a troublesome brother. The past year has her trying to prove her brother Don’s innocence after he is accused of murder. Now Don shows up claiming to have turned over a new leaf, but Renata is unconvinced. She enlists the help of her boyfriend Peter Lombardo to see what her brother has been up to.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  When the sudden death of the siren queen and her only son Peter leaves the siren community in shambles, the Blake family does what they can to help.