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After helping his sisters find true love, Christopher Thatcher sets sail to find adventure in America, and avoid any more complicating women. Unfortunately for Christopher, he can’t resist a damsel in distress and Marsali Abbott has more than one problem.

Trouble begins again as Grant and Nonny are about to give birth to twins. With the elders refusing to grant protection, Mary believes it is time once again to save her clan and protect her grand-babies.

Tormented Soul

PARANORMAL:  When Kaden’s best friend Megan goes missing outside a night club Kaden is determined to find her, but only one man seems to know anything about the thugs who took her friend and Finley is reluctant to help.

Leveraging Lincoln
Stephenia H.

HISTORICAL:  After four years of war reaps havoc on the South, a conspiracy arises to change history and the Presidency.

A Mountain Man's Redemption

HISTORICAL/WESTERN:  Philip Grant has been roaming the mountains and forests of the Montana Territory for years. As a fur trapper he’s spent most of that time alone and now, he is ready to turn in his last bundle and retire to his solitary cabin.