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Come along on the adventures of Charlotte Hill, the prim daughter of Colonel Hill, commander at Fort Hill. Upon meeting an ill highlander in the surgery, where she assists army physician, Dr.

Aramie is the second in command of the Lemurian panther pack, under the wounded leader Demir. She is an independent woman - an unacceptable role in the pack - as women should submit to a mate.

PARANORMAL:  Young Maria Graziana Kelly has discovered a lot about herself in the past year. First, she is a werewolf and sole heir to Greyback Pack, Hounds of God. Secondly, she is a dreamwalker.

Witches (Runes #6)

PARANORMAL:  Raine Cooper is not your average teen girl; in the past few weeks she has learned she is an immortal seer and a witch with some outrageous power.

The community of Laurelwood has been rocked hard by the Project Powering fiasco, handled by the Nexus Group and Senator Daren Sage.