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FANTASY:  "The Ghost" works alone avenging his father's death. He turns in proof of the resulting dead imperial soldiers to the rebel commander, and the bounty money Tiro earns supports his family. There are calls for this 17-year-old bowman to join the rebels officially.

Merri Wilcox, the owner of The Cut, has known Brighton Stansbury since they were in first grade. She cannot stand this member of the richest family in Utah. When Brighton comes to the salon for a trim, she knows that turning him away would be bad for business.

Watercolors in the Rain

Eve St. Aubin passionately kisses world-famous artist Kyle Sebastian, at his own art exhibit.  Overcome by the encounter she flees the gallery, to the bewilderment of her escort for the evening. Once at home she tearfully pulls out remnants of her artistic past from the back of her bedroom closet.

Big Jim

James "Big Jim" Peck is an American big game hunter along with his partner, Englishman Caesar Wilde. Their business is Peck and Wilde’s African Safaris, but their clients are few and far between.

Trusting Flight
Heather M.

The day after Cara married Lynn, he disappeared with no warning. For a year, she hears nothing from him or from anyone else as to his whereabouts. What she does get is a stalker who chases her from one home to another and even follows her to another state.