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Beth Kennedy and Donovan Goldwyn have already survived two natural disasters, as well as the attempts made on their lives by criminal Jackson Storme.

Fallen Emrys

FANTASY:  Spurned by her chosen mate, immortal dragon rider Niawen chooses a self-imposed exile in the mortal realm. When she and her dragon Seren arrive in Brynn, her otherworldly attributes soon capture the attention of a pair of brothers, Kelyn and Kenrik. In a fight to protect civilians, Niawen uses her inner light to kill those who attempt to harm Kelyn.

Jon Kerr is half vampire, half human, and all soldier. Currently attached to the Senary, a covert Order of the U.S. government, he seeks to eradicate the leeches (aka vampires) from the New York area.

Rylan Arnett is a protector of the King - known as "the Wolf" for his fierce attributes and tenacity.

Johnny Elias is a young poet who is madly, deeply in love with Megan Price. She is his everything, his inspiration.