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HISTORICAL:  Danger haunts kind-hearted Julia Marsden, as the faerie king, Cadeyrn sets his sights on the maid in hopes of saving his people. Julia doesn’t believe in the fae, however, thinking them only to be the imaginary friends of her orphaned nephew.

Elizabeth Ellen

REGENCY:  Ella Montgomery accepted a position as governess at Blackheath Manor after her father’s passing, hoping for stability. However, the manor and its family hides secrets - and after mysterious music draws Ella to the wounded and supposedly dead Thomas Worsley, she finds herself caught in the middle.

The Reformation of Marli Meade
Tracy Hewitt

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Marli Meade has lived the most sheltered kind of life—atop the Appalachian Mountain range, trapped in the grip of a secretive community led by her father Charles, their preacher.

Look to the Sun

Rose Abernethy lives as any other citizen in the town of Sanmarian, dealing with the mundane problems of life, such as her car breaking down on her way to work - until she is swept away on that day by a w

The Turkish Affair
J. Arlene

Anne Pierson has abandoned life in the West; choosing instead a quiet, secluded life in the tiny town of Gükale in Turkey. Conforming to the rigid social standards set for women in her new country, Anne is content to act as translator for visiting tourists - until the day she meets Renaud Townsend.