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Banking on Love

When forensic accountant Rachel Sullivan is hired to investigate a shareholders' dispute, the last person on earth she expects to see is Ethan Montgomery.

Sara grew up in Copper River and now she is back as a teacher, working off the debt she owes the school board for her education. When it is paid, she plans to leave this little berg as fast as she can.

WESTERN:  Jane Dority disappears one rainy night after practicing horseback riding tricks with her best friend, Lewis.

All Kinds of Bad

MYSTERY:  Lydia is almost shot while she is working at the gas station in Thorn Creek. Then, someone throws a brick through the window at the bank. Graffiti appears on school property. The police think they know who did it, but they have no solid proof. They believe Nathan did it because he was guilty of similar crimes before he left to live in Denver for a year.

Andrew is the only firefighter and paramedic in Sweet Water. On one of his calls, he helps deliver a baby boy to proud widowed mother Christina. She is so grateful that she named the baby Andy in his honor.  Andrew feels a connection to Christina and her baby. Now the town is having a contest and all of the businesses are encouraged to participate.