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Oak and Mistletoe

FANTASY:  While visiting Ireland, Uncle Mickey tells Catherine that he feels she has a magical connection with the country.

Meggie has escaped from the husband who has been battering her and broke their son’s arm. She’s taken both children to look for her grandmother, a member of the Ojibwa tribe. They come across a house while searching, whose owner is gone, so Meggie takes advantage of the situation because her daughter, Lena, has a fever and it is too cold to stay outside.

Jockeying for You

Ryder is a very efficient female horse trainer and her philosophy is to spare the rod. She was once a jockey, but her first time out in a race that counted she was in an accident that nearly cost her her life. Since then, she has stuck to training for those few people willing to take a chance on a female trainer.

In the Tick of Time
P. D.

Matt is an investigator for the Department of Public Health and Environment.

WESTERN:  Ella's neighbor, Walter, is a loving man who gives her the opportunity to work with horses on his ranch. When Walter is killed and the will is read, it comes to light that he is leaving equal halves of the ranch to Ella and his ranch hand, Titus. This is when it is learned that Titus is Walter’s nephew from back East.