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Sophie Reid, a makeup artist for a Los Angeles movie studio, is late and stuck in horrible traffic. When she hears the reason for the tangled mess is a loose dog on the roadway, she jumps out of her car to lend a hand in capturing the pup.

Chasing Flames

PARANORMAL:  Aydah Bell is a normal girl who returns to school after a pointless family mini-vacation only to find out that; people are disappearing in town, her family is keeping secrets from her, her best friend Adam has started acting odd, she’s suddenly craving raw meat, and the handsome and very mysterious Lia

She Likes it Rough

After a near-death experience results in being awarded millions by the court, Lisa Flyte has decided it’s time to change her life.  She wants to be brave and take charge, but a life time of being walked over hasn’t exactly prepared her for that.

Breaking Ties

Fleeing a disastrous betrothal and vowing never to fall in love again, Rose Payne signs on as a clerk for a group of settlers headed for the Colonies. Unfortunately, in her haste, Rose discards warnings that all is not right with the group headed for Chesapeake Bay.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Aria Suarez thought she would  become a professional pianist, married to her high school crush Nick Williams, the boy who dreamed of Aria, the army, and escaping an abusive father. All was well, until Nick dies in the war and Aria’s wrist is shattered.