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His by Design
Karen Ann

Blue Point Cove could be an artist community if Zoe Silvercreek can turn her dream of having an art gallery into reality.

Piper Daniels has decided a community garden would help her keep her brother occupied as well as benefit the community.  The only drawback seems to be the property owner, Reece Stone.  Piper and Reece have a history long past, bu

Private Investigator Eddie Shoes, aka Edwina Schultz, has a lot of baggage, including a gypsy card-shark mother.

After avoiding his family for years Justin Simms finally decides to return home for his brother’s wedding.  To help buffer his interactions with his family, he asks Annie to accompany him.  Annie has just been dumped by her boyfr

FANTASY:  A year ago, Melody’s sister Cadence claimed to have fallen down a rabbit hole and into Lewis Carol’s mythical world of Wonderland.  Their desperate parents turn to Melody hoping that she can help her sister before they are forc