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Brain surgery and a long recuperation period finally separate Jake Donovan from his cruel alter-ego, Johnny Darling.

Sixteen months ago, actor Dylan Conner has a one-night stand with the friend of a friend.

WESTERN:  When young Ella’s mother marries a wealthy widower with three daughters of his own in the Wyoming territory town of Everland, it’s anything but a fairytale marriage.

The Wedding Affair

Sally Ford is supposed to marry Lord Ellicott. She doesn’t have feelings for him, though, but is convinced she’ll learn to love him over time.

Legion Lost

PARANORMAL/SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  In a dystopian world, families live underground, hiding from the System now ruling above. When her family comes under attack by the dreaded System, one girl must try to survive on her own, on the surface. To do so she adopts the name and personality of a boy, Raja, and tries to find solace with the Legion.