Recent Reviews

A Sour Note

Maeve Cleary left her youthful home of Hampton to attend college in New York and pursue her dream job. Ten years later, she returns to home with a battered heart and worries about rebukes from her mom, Jules. Jules owns The Music Box, which becomes the foundation of the relationship shift between mother and daughter.

An Uncharted Devotion

Lieutenant James Turner has just married the love of his life, mere weeks before he sails off to war with the Royal Navy. But five years at war has changed the Lieutenant in ways he can’t explain, and when he finally returns to his bride, he’s not the man she knew—though he’s still the man she loves.

London 1821. Cassandra Vail attends Lady Kellen’s ball in the hopes of winning a husband before her parents carry through with their intention of matching her to a wealthy bachelor. She prefers to select her own husband. Lord Tom Harwood is a proud member of London’s Rebels, and he dances with a pretty woman to save his friend from unwanted attention.

What Dreams May Come

Lucy Hayes has had enough from her unwanted suitor, Jonathan Granger. With constant pursuits to make her his wife – despite her obvious disinterest, Lucy realizes the best way to avoid his incessant pursuit is to leave his estate and find a new position as a governess with younger children.

A Waltz with Traitors

Filip Sedlak is a Czech soldier who never wanted to go to war. He defected to the Russians, and has spent much of the war finding others to fight so he can have an independent Czechoslovakia. Nadia Linskaya has known a life of privilege. But just as her family has decided to flee in the wake of the Tsar’s death, she finds herself alone and on the run from Bolshevik agents.