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NEW ADULT: Oregonian native, Adrian Monterey, runs away from everyone, including himself, by leaving for the wilds of the Canadian wilderness to Moonbreak Falls to help an elderly woman tend her farm. Adrian is escaping his unrequited love for his best friend’s older brother.

Autumn Deception
N. Jade

Sierra Scott’s job is consuming her life, and her grandmother has had enough. All of a sudden, Sierra finds herself on an unplanned—but much needed—vacation.

Under the Java Moon
Heather B.

What would you do if you found yourself suddenly forced to leave behind everything you knew? Rita is only a child when her family is forced out of their home and into an internment camp near their Netherland East Indies (now Indonesia) home. For three years she was forced to live in dangerous—and often deadly conditions—alongside her younger brother, pregnant mother, and elderly Oma.

Isay’s mother found happiness again and marries the Fae of Death’s King, Grath. Isay is not happy about this marriage and does not trust his people. She fears they will steal her life force, despite being under the protection of King Grath. Karmuth is one of the warriors who watches over and protects Isay, along with her stepbrother, Prince Hiko.

Tony Oneiros, Dream Weaver and sports performance trainer, doesn't approve of the bad influence of a particular Lunatic. Hunter Mahina, Menae and personal life-coach, enjoys helping people have fun. After sharing a wild kiss and a naked slow dance under the moonlight, they can't stop thinking about each other.