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Eve Ellery and Jake Gardner have been best friends practically their whole lives. They grew up next door to each other as kids and when Eve’s single mom needed someone to watch her she ended up next door at Jake’s.

First Contact

Paranormal realty is a dead business, but Sloane Osborne is committed to selling haunted houses.  Searching for her departed fiancé Michael’s ghost, she has one last chance to find him in a remote Wisconsin haunted house - but Michael has a dire warning for her.  Needing help to solve a ghostly pro

The Persuasion of Miss Jane Brody

Jane Brody has an uphill climb to convince people of women’s rights.  Educated and poised in the running of her life and her father’s household, Jane is years ahead of her time.

Sparks fly when competing advertising executives end up on a cruise, each on a secret mission to gain insight for their sales pitch to Imperial Cruise Lines.  Winning this account means another rung of the ladder on the corporate climb for salacious Laura Armstrong, while saving the family farm is

The Boardwalk Antiques Shop (A Tangerine Street Romance Book 2)
Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson,
Heather B. Moore

Jennifer Day plans to sell the antique shop inherited from her aunt and contacts realtor Paul Studly. She keeps the place open while it is on the market and learns the business from antiques dealer Henry Lancaster.