Recent Reviews

Knight Errant

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Robert Clarwyn, Baron Ravensmere, has a mission - bring Lady Juliana Verault back to England by order of Edward II to marry the Scot chosen for her. If Robert brings Juliana back, his family’s lands sequestered by the Crown will be returned to him.

TIME TRAVEL:  Katy is a practical woman on the verge of marrying her appropriate fiancé. Her girlfriends convince her that a bachelorette trip is essential, and as they tramp through the Welsh countryside and historic sites, they tease her about the upcoming risqué party.

Taking the Ice

“Taking the Ice” is book three in the Ice Series. Josh and Courtney first met in book one, “Crossing the Ice.” The second book, “Losing the Ice” brings the two together as pair skaters while a tender romance springs up between them.

Wolf on Wheels

“Wolf on Wheels” is book one in The Heritage Series. Lara Walker recently graduated from veterinarian school and sets up her practice near the Black Mountain area in Australia. Her family match-makes to get her paired up with an appropriate upper crust mate.

Fear Land

Psychiatrist Tally Rosella recently moved to San Luis Obispo, California and is writing a book about a revelation she's discovered in PTSD, which could be a major breakthrough for her military patients and their families.